A friend of mine once said she feels bad for men. She finds the fact that movies, television shows, and advertising are always trying to arouse their sexual senses by selling sex right along with whatever product is being pushed in the form of a nearly naked woman – or girl – unfair. I would imagine the creators of a new documentary, “Are All Men Pedophiles,” would agree with her.

In its simplest definition, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children. There are all sorts of negative connotations that come along with that and this stamp is a label that’s almost given to men until proven otherwise. Mothers are always hesitant to leave their young children in the care of not just male friends or acquaintances, but even male family members. And though men who act on these urges are often considered to have psychiatric disorders or to just be plain “sick,” this film suggests all men may have a little pedophile in them, so to speak, because of the images that are pushed on them.

With interviews from Muslim and Christian leaders, model scouts, psychologists, and sexologists, this documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We know in some places girls are married as young as 9 and 10 years old in ceremonious ways steeped in cultures that say attraction to young girls is natural. In America, we don’t support that type of sexualization but we do push it in others ways, particularly the fashion industry. Vogue recently banned any models under the age of 16 but that’s just one glossy out of a sea of mags that typically uses girls around the age of 13 to sell clothes and fantasies—which is problematic to both women and men.  The filmmakers say it is that hypocrisy of encouraging men to look but not touch young girls who they may not even be aware are in fact adolescents, that begs the question, are all men pedophiles? But in asking that, the creators are also suggesting men have zero control over their sexual urges which is a stereotype males have increasingly been attempting to fight lately, and that they all feel aroused when they come across these images which isn’t fair either.Watch the trailer and tell us your thoughts.

Does society play a role in pedophilia by pushing images of young girls on men?

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  • Kevin

    My son onl monts n to being 18 got a sentence of 9 years a thir ff making it 6 years plus half of that for a guilty please and already serving 9 months makes it 2 years and 3 months to serve. This was because he accpted invitations by 3 girls who all knew each other I might add, and he naively and stupidl met these girls. edidn’t knw their age atthe beginning because the dreaded facebook (if it can’t be controlled along with twitter shoul be banned) and heallowethe 12 year old who I might add again looks 16/17 and a 14 year old perform oral sex on him. He also hbad sex with a 14 year old having bought drink for her and a friend. Now then to some especially the present day see’s this as uder ge sexual encounters with 2 of them but the 12 year old it is seen as rape and not statuary rape as it was once deemed. All these girls have a repuation o facebook second to none and all continued their trait even aftergvng impact statements to th fact they were ‘traumatised’ et me make it clar tat I do nt wish myson to behave immoral like this but the plain facts of teenge life s that it is is a norm amongst society. I have no qualms with my son being punished if they address he whole siuatio and stop allowing under age teenagers to beak the law bydinking smoking an having sex. My son is guilty f only one of those facts yet these girls can enjoy doing as the wih we have been told by the police. If the law cannot or won’t address it with the teenagers and it appears they also allow the parents to get away with it, parents who I might add still allow these girls on facebook and to carry on with their mmoral behaviour then why are we addressing one decent loving caring sweet lad, who offers much more than these girls offer society. He was honest enough to own up to his wrong doing where these girls and parents lied in court to shift the blame away from them. I want to see as judge do exactly that and judge the situation and use the guides with common sense. We print screen everything we see on facebook so what I am telling you about hese girls are factsnot hearsay. My partner and I are jusdt ordinary folk whever been invlved ith the law and ae living with broken hearts. I for one noiw I know what I hae learned from delainwith the police will never put my trust in them as my son did when confessing to what he did. Knowing people in the force we have been told this is all about statistics and looking good to the government. Well when it comes to this and putting away a harmless lad who was hooked lined and sinered by these girls and if we were being honest act like unpaid whores.

  • lUISA

    Pedophilia is the attraction some adults experience toward PREPUBESCENT children. Attraction to teenagers is NOT pedophilia though the western media has misused the term pedophilia to include adolescents. I don’t think most men are pedophiles, they’re just men and therefore feel attracted toward females that are able to procreate, including teen girls. Most societies do not see anything wrong with adults dating, marrying or having sex with teenagers and it is widely practiced. Only those societies that have embraced feminism consider relationships between men and teen girls as perverted and immoral. There are places in South America, Asia, and Africa where 40 year old have relationships with 15 year olds and is not considered a big deal. In fact, many teenagers prefer older men because they think older men treat them better or are more likely to pursue a formal relationship leading to marriage.

    • pammy

      “Many teenagers prefer older men”–what country are you from?

  • Jennifer

    I have actually watched the whole documentary, and I would like to clarify that they say any sexual interaction with children (pre-pubescent/in pubescense) is plainly wrong. The biggest thing to me seemed to focus on understanding how broad the public terminology of pedophilia is in comparison to Infantophilia and Hebephilia (attraction to teens). I’m really cheesed off they used a lolita in the documentary, especially for the cover, but they are not saying that touching kids is okay, and stress that teens may be physically mature for sex, but are not mentally mature, and that with large age gaps it can be damaging.