Hey Clutch!

As you probably know by now, CLUTCH is in the process of ‘cleaning house’, comment-wise – that is, and your input is a vital tool in the development of our new commenting strategy. Our goal is simple: to prevent nasty, cruel, and other unsavory and straight up unnecessary commentary from appearing on the site. There are a variety of means to do so.

Please weigh in on the following options to let us know which direction you’d prefer to see Clutch go in:

  • Approved Commenting System: Pretty explanatory, no? Each and every commenter must be approved before inserting their point of view. But nothing is set in stone: Approved commenting rights can be evoked at any time, without explanation at Clutch’s discretion.
  • Hold Comments in Moderation for Approval: All Comments will be held in moderation, and be published upon approval by Clutch.
  • Keep Comment Section As Is: Keep the comment section open to all readers.
  • Ban Specific Commenters/IP Addresses: It’s not the most foolproof strategy, but it could decrease the amount of those intent on sparking comment fires. The downside? Banning IP addresses can prevent many ‘innocents’ from being able to dialogue on Clutch.
  • Eliminate comment section altogether.

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If you have any suggestions, or ideas on the matter, please feel free to enlighten us by emailing: [email protected]

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