For as long as sex has been around, people have found ways to spice it up. From lingerie and costumes to sex in public places, people love finding new ways to reinvent the sex wheel. Today, with the advances in technology, you don’t even have to be in the same room to get your freak on with the one you love. Now cyber sex is nothing new of course, but with inventions like webcams, FaceTime and Skype becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, it’s only natural we make them part of sex lives as well.

Speaking in general terms (my daddy is reading…hi dad!) cyber sex is a great way for individuals and couples to explore their fantasies and creative sides with someone they love and trust. Because cybersex isn’t “real,” you can experiment with sex acts and fetishes you haven’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t in real life. Getting your FaceTime or Skype sex on builds anticipation and prepares you mentally and physically for the real thing. After all that teasing you’ll be more than ready to rip each other’s clothes off when you meet face to face. It can also help you feel comfortable with your sexuality and build confidence by forcing you to step a little out of your comfort zone. Generally speaking of course. However like most things, there is a downside. If you’re not engaging in hot computer love sessions with someone you completely trust, you could be exposing yourself to dangerous predators and could potentially end up having your Kim Kardashian debut splashed all over the net for the world to see.

I think that within the confines of a solid committed relationship computer loving can be the right amount of spice needed to keep a relationship hot and spicy. Where you end up once you start is only limited by your imagination and personally, my imagination is limitless. In the end it’s all about doing what’s comfortable for you.

So ladies and gents, are you down with computer love? Do you prefer to Skype, FaceTime or webcam? Do you have any cyber sex horror stories? Talk to us!

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