Do You Tan?


We know skin tone is a big deal for women of color so as the sun’s rays begin to heat up and beam down this coming season,

some of us have a tendency to either duck and run for cover or lather on the baby oil to get nice and toasty—neither of which are particularly healthy.

In some of our quests not to get any darker, we avoid the sun like the plague, missing out on all of the fun activities that make the summer great—swimming, hanging out at the beach with our girls, jet skis, water skis, beach volleyball. We get caught up in colorism and can’t bare the thought of being a shade darker for an entire four months or so. Now If you’re a top-notch makeup junkie, a few too many days in the sun can mean revamping your entire summer makeup inventory which isn’t so nice on the wallet—but we typically do that anyway this season so that’s no excuse to unnecessarily avoid the sun.

On the flip side, those of us who can’t wait to add a little more color during the season sometimes forget that we aren’t immune to the threat of skin cancer. Simply put, sun block is not optional. Not only do we need a minimum SPF of 15 on a daily basis, which many moisturizers now have, we need an entire ounce of an SPF up to 50 cover¬† our bodies. If you’re in the sun for more than six hours, you need to apply twice. Since a dip in the water and laying poolside is the typical routine to get the perfect bronze glow, the SPF absolutely should be water resistant and you definitely don’t want to overdo it because while a sunny bronze glow is beautiful this time of year, painful, peeling skin is not. Whatever your summertime preference make sure you’re safely having fun in the sun.

Are you ready for a summer tan or do you avoid the sun?

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  • I don’t go tanning, but I don’t hide from the sun. I expect to get darker when on vacation and that is o.k. with me.

  • Jess

    I definitely get my tan on!! I am brown skinned/dark skinned, think Gabrielle Union. Every summer when I head off on my vacation, I look forward to getting a sunkissed glow to my cocoa skin. I do apply sunscreen though, because I know that anyone can get skin cancer. But I sit out on the balcony, beach, or by the pool in my bikini to bask in the lovely foreign sun. My tan lines can be seen for weeks afterwards. I love it! I do usually wear a hat though.

  • Cha Cha

    I sometimes sit on the porch in the morning for 10 minutes to soak up some vitamin D, and of course I get darker. I don’t tan on purpose, but I don’t mind the darker skin tone. I’m already pretty dark skinned, but when I get darker, it looks good on me too. I will admit that I haven’t used sunscreen in over a year, but I will get back to it.