Like it or not, dating has gone digital. With so much of our time spent on social media, it’s only natural for some of us to use the web to expand our dating pool like we’ve used Twitter and Facebook to widen our social and professional circles. But for those women enterprising enough to use dating sites to meet a potential boo, there are a few things that can be a complete downer.

Since experimenting with dating websites last year, I noticed a few things men did that quickly turned a message or wink from cute guy into a complete turn-off. Profiles are key, and aside from having a picture (I mean…why wouldn’t you have a picture on a dating site?), there are three things that I’ve noticed that have been utter fails.

Shall we take a look?

The “Female” Disclaimers

There’s nothing that will make me click off of a profile faster than a man who begins by saying he doesn’t want any “females” with bad attitudes, hoodrat behaviors, gold diggers, fakers, liars, and divas. While he may think he’s warning the “bad” ones to stay away, this bit of info tells me dude has had his share of shady women, which makes me question judgment. If his last five girlfriends have all been ratchet, clearly he’s projecting something that keeps attracting those types of women. And a man with extensive past dating drama is not the move.

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