It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Chappelle’s Show left the air. Though the hit series ultimately proved to be too much pressure for comedian Dave Chappelle to sustain, its heyday afforded us some great satirical sketches and parodies of race and pop culture. Provided Chappelle’s mental health wouldn’t be jeopardized, wouldn’t it be cool if he made a TV show comeback? So much has happened politically and socially since he made his departure. He’s been gone for Obama’s entire presidency. He missed Oprah’s retirement. Wayne Brady’s hosting Let’s Make a Deal now. There’s so much old material to revisit and so many new occurrences to mine!

Here are a few things we’d love to see Chappelle return to tackle:

1. President Obama’s First Term

From his uber-cool saunter and laugh to his noted struggles to kick a decades-long smoking habit to his gorgeous, confident wife to his handling of opposition to the famed beer summit to what’s on his iPod to his varied accomplishments of the past four years, Chappelle would’ve had enough source material to last him two seasons.

2. Herman Cain

Much of Cain’s bid for a presidential nomination — and his subsequent fall in the face of infidelity allegations — played like an actual Chappelle Show skit. It would’ve been a breeze for him to adapt Cornbread’s 15 minutes of fame to a comedy sketch.

3. Real Housewives of Atlanta/Basketball Wives

The frequent, vicious catfights that now dominate these shows are just the kinds of ridiculous pop culture phenomena Chapelle was so great at skewering. Can you imagine his take on Nene Leakes or Tami Roman?

4. “Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln”

Just today, some Super PAC attack ad decided to characterize the president as a “metrosexual, black Abraham Lincoln,” in what has instantly become an internet meme for the ages. Oh, the places Chappelle could go with this one.

5. T.O.’s Woes

It’s harsh to poke fun at a man while he’s down, but Terrell Owens seems to be on a one-man campaign to goad comedians into trading barbs at his expense. Between holding an athletic exhibition where no recruiters showed, talking frequently to the media about his financial straits, and taking to Dr. Phil to discuss his visitation and child support drama, it’d be hard for Chappelle not to joke at his expense.

What would you like to see Dave Chappelle come out of semi-retirement to address?

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