Earlier this week, Awkward Black Girl creator, writer, and lead actress Issa Rae announced that her award-winning web series will return next month! It Excitement is already building, as the finale set us up for a major stakes-change at her place of employment, Gut Busters. While we wait these last few weeks, we thought it might be fun to start a wish list of sorts, outlining what we’d like to see happen this season. Feel free to add on in the comments section.

1. Racial Misunderstandings for Team JJ
As we saw in the backstage-with-Donald-Glover scene in last season’s finale (and, at various other turns throughout the season), White J has a propensity for putting his foot in his mouth. With Donald Glover, he assumed that Danny Glover was his dad (because they’re both black and have same surname). It mortified J, but she weathered it. After all, would there even be a Donald Glover to embarrass herself in front of, had it not been for White J hooking up the meet?

Their coupling will provide plenty fodder for misunderstandings and seriously funny “teachable moments” (though we’re not sure J is the “teachable moment” type. She’s really more the side-eye-and-keep-it-moving type….)

2. Fred Finds Love
Madison Shockley III is seriously cute. And though I didn’t mind that he didn’t wind up with J, he still deserves love–and not with Nina! It would be great if he came back from hiatus with an equally cute chick on his arm. Though I’d hate for that development to just be in place to keep the love triangle going, it would be interesting to see how J would handle Fred dating someone new.

3. Comeuppance for Nina
It was clear in the finale that the new boss is not here for Nina’s antics. A demotion would be great. Subtle hazing (like the not-so-subtle hazing she and her sorors put the staff through last season) would be even better. I’d also like her to stay loveless for a long while (though that’s unlikely. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she snags Fred on the rebound.) All in all, though, she’s a character I love to hate (instead of outright hate), so here’s to a lot of screen time for her–especially if it means she’ll be getting her face cracked.

4. J Quits!
Would there be a way for us to get our doses of the Gut Buster crew without J having to work there? The one thing about the show that sort of eats at me is how unhappy and unfulfilled J is at this job. Eventually, I’m rooting for her to find something she loves to do and go off to do it. Admittedly, season 2’s probably too early for that to happen. But it’s not too early for her to start experimenting with interests and searching for professional fulfillment. Maybe White J, the counselor, can help.

5. Dial Cece Down
When Cece was introduced, I loved that J had found an equally awkward soul sister at the office. But as the season wore on, she began to grate. I love her misguided ideas about dating and her loyalty to J as a friend; but I think her idiosyncrasies could be dialed down a bit. I know almost everyone in the office is a caricature, but it seems Cece is the only person in J’s inner circle who is. Fred and White J are as mellow and comparatively normal as J is, while Cece is loud, neck-roll-y, and intermittently dependent on a “blaccent.” Maybe that’s meant to be part of her charm, but it tends to wear thin.

What you add to the list? Are you excited for the start of next season? 

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