There are set albums and playlists that instantly go into rotation when I need to focus. I put my earphones in and zone out. I do this everywhere. Catch me at the café I have my earphones in. When I worked in an office, it was easier to get my attention with a tap on the shoulder rather than calling my name because my earphones were in. I communicated with my co-workers via Gchat and email for the most part. My cubicle life was much like that described in As Headphones Invaded The Office, Are We Lonlier?

The article goes beyond talking about blocking out noise with grooves to stay focus in our work lives. “Tuning each other out helps people focus, and besides, everyone is connected online through Skype, IM and email,” the article states summing up the feelings many plugged in co-workers. Though the article touches on theories that we are developing ways to be “alone together” and notes that social media has been linked to depression, it also presents the notion that social media makes us productive and is “replacing the water cooler.”

Do you zone out and wear headphones in your office? Do you think that social media makes you more or less connected to your coworkers?

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