Antonio Cromartie 

Unless you’re a football fan, Antonio Cromartie might not be a household name, but if you happen to find yourself getting courted by this dude, RUN. The NY Jets star has been sowing his royal oats and has an astonishing 10 children by 8 different women. In spite of this, Cromartie managed to settle down long enough to get married (perhaps he got tired?), and is expecting babies 11 and 12 with his wife (she’s pregnant with twins). Although Cromartie may be successful and charming, the fact that he’s the most potent man on the planet and has enough baby mamas to form a basketball team should be enough to keep any potential groupies, gold diggers, and unsuspecting woman away.

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  • The women are just as ratchety as the men, matches made in heaven.

    • S.M.M

      LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • mamareese

    Um M-O-N-E-Y all day…. all 3 of these fools will not spend all of it in their life time. Also, Lauren should have required marriage before dropping all 15 of them kids for him. Better yet….he should have respected Ms Hill enough to wife her up in the 1st place…….

    • Simone L

      THANK YOU!! when they had that last kid and I commented on here they shoulda been married, commenters lambasted me for recommending they should have made it official. Now he’s walked away. Nothing. He can just walk away. That’s some ish right there.

  • iQgraphics


  • Huh?! I’m really scratching my head about this article…Everybody knows that if a man has 1) $MONEY$ &lots of it, you can have 99 problems but …..well you know the end of that sentence. & the fact that all these guys are celebrities make any flaw invisible to a women seeking security & all of the above mentioned a$$ets so…….