Screen-Shot-2012-05-02-at-10.58.26-AM1At some point most little girls play in their mother’s makeup. The mother might even apply some lipstick and a little blush when their daughter is playing dress-up, but that’s often as far as it goes with mother’s being concerned about their child appearing older than she is, or getting trapped into thinking that she needs makeup in order to be pretty.

One mommy blogger is coming under heat right now for writing a blog post about letting her 4-year-old toddler where makeup. The mother insists that teaching her daughter how to put on a face became a special bonding time between the two of them, and so whenever there’s a performance, special event, or any day her young daughter desires to wear makeup, she will put a full face on her, including lipstick (although not red), blush, eyeshadow, and anything else besides eye liner, mascara, or foundation.

The mother’s post has sparked a lot of conversation, and little debate. Most women and psychologists believe the mother is setting her daughter up for failure, impressing an image in her head that she needs makeup to be flawless and pretty—the reason the 4-year-old says she likes the makeup. Not only that, it’s quite dangerous to have a young girl dressing up her face to appear older than she is. At 4, no one will likely mistake the child for anything older, but when she’s 10 or 12 and starts developing and getting into makeup even more, this girl could easily become a target.

I was probably in the sixth grade when I first asked my mom if I could wear makeup. She told me I was too young and that at 13 I could start to wear eye liner. Interestingly, I think that would be the last thing I’d let my daughter wear because it’s such a dramatic look that especially makes girls look older. By high school I was allowed to wear a little powder on my face, some sheer lipstick, and mascara, and it was always emphasized that I don’t need to wear makeup and that whatever makeup I wore as a teenager needed to be age appropriate.

The mommy blogger believes that her daughter is too young to have internalized any notions about beauty or acceptance at this age and she claims that once the girl is older they will have a different discussion about their bonding routine. For now, though, she insists letting her daughter put on a full face to present herself to the world is all just child’s play.

What age did you start wearing makeup? How young do you think is too young?

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  • Vicky

    Personally i would let my kid do whatever they want with boundaries of course but still. I would let my kid wear make up at the age of 13 and when their little but only limited makeup for example 1 thing for the face (foundation,coverup,etc.) 1 thing for the eyes (mascara, eyeshadow, not eyeliner because that too much for a 13 year old) 1 thing for mouth (lip gloss, soft lip stick) they can wear eyeliner when their 16 i personally think thats okay cause we both get something like she gets to wear makeup and i get to make her not wear alot and be a clown kinda makeup. REMEMBER STRICT PARENTS CREATE SNEAKY KIDS :x

  • Lakitha Goss

    My mom started allowing me to wear makeup to special events at age 11. I started wearing makeup daily by age 13. My mom always said that makeup protects the skin with extra moisture.