When Steve Harvey wrote Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man it was yet another tome dedicated to teaching women how to “catch” and keep a man. While many flocked to his “common sense” approach, others scoffed at the idea of taking advice from a comedian whose personal life had more failures than a high school drop out. But…Harvey got over. He appeared on Oprah, morning talk shows, and even rode Think Like A Man all the way to the top of the box office, turning his bestselling book into a number one film. So when it was announced that Basketball Wives brawler Tami Roman was penning a book on how to keep a man from cheating, many rightfully cried foul.

After I stopped shaking my head in disbelief, an interesting thought popped into my mind:

If Steve Harvey can do it, why can’t Tami?

Sure, Roman’s yet-to-be-written book will be a train wreck; I’m almost sure of it. The premise itself—teaching women how to keep their man from cheating—is flawed at best and down right detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem at worst. But she’s certainly going to try. Recently Roman sat down with Rolling Out to explain her idea.

“The book is called Mistress One on One and it basically shares tidbits for women on how to keep your man,” she told the mag.

“We have a lot of infidelity going on and I sat down with some women who have been classified as the other woman so I got a chance to pick their brain and use their secret advice to help other women.”

Umm, ok. Never mind that “keeping” a man is impossible. If a man (or woman) wants to leave, cheat, and keep you in the dark, that’s what they’re going to do and no amount of home-cooked meals and bedroom tricks will stop them. But if Harvey can cash-in on the insecurities of women, then dammit, Tami can to. Does it make it right? Heck no. I think it’s down right despicable, but it’s up to readers to knock her hustle and refuse to buy the book.

Tami’s transition from reality star fighter to author is an interesting one and I’m curious to see how it’ll turn out. I suspect, like her Basketball Wives comrades, her time in the spotlight is waning. Fans are already revolting against the show’s negative images of women, and some of the show’s sponsors have pulled the plug no doubt citing the show’s ratchetness as a mitigating factor.

While I predict Tami’s book will go “wood in the hood” (i.e. be a flop), I hope its publication signals the end of books, articles, shows, and specials aimed at teaching women how to mold and shape themselves just to keep a man. Instead advice on snagging a boo we could use a re-up on books that promote self-love and self-determination as a means to getting what you want out of life.

What do you think? Would you take relationship advice from Tami Roman?

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