We’ve already seen how the fashion world flipped nail art from being a ghetto black girl thing to enamel couture and we have a feeling wild-colored weaves are next on the list. Lauren Conrad (who has her own hair dipped in hot pink) and Coco Rocha, who showed up at the Met Gala in Givenchy and bright pink extensions, are hardly the first white girls to don hair not regularly occurring in nature. But there’s something totally different about Katy Perry rocking a neon green wig as part of her costume on stage and showing up to The Met like this. It says wild weave is not only in, it’s acceptable.

Reaction to Coco’s hair has been similar to what one might say to a punk rocker with a spiked red mane or blue tresses. It’s cool, fun, funky, even cute. But it’s not seen quite the same way when that girl is black. In that case it’s out of place, inappropriate, or tacky—unless that girl happens to be Nicki Minaj. We’ve all accepted she’s living in her own little style bubble. But it’s not even just the fashion industry as a whole who upholds those stereotypes, we question our own selves, asking why some of us can’t just leave the technicolor quickweaves alone. Kool-Aid and cotton-candy colored tresses have become the bane of our existence yet on someone a few shades lighter, the trend looks totally different.

What’s the difference between Coco and say an Azealia Banks who tends to go with a signature mane of purple locks? Epectations. When Coco hits the red carpet with bright pink locks it’s trendy, it’s a statement, and it’s temporary. When Azealia has a head full of of violet ombre colored tresses it’s thought that that’s the type of hair she’d probably wear anyway as an inner city black girl and so there’s nothing fashionable or shocking about it, which is why when this trend hits the mainstream it won’t be her face that’s associated it will be ones like Coco’s and Lauren’s. It’s a sad truth but we might as well get prepared for the oggling and fawning now, although it’s really nothing new to us. It will be just like any other discredited trendsetting day in the life of black women.

Do you think the fashion industry is starting to embrace wild weave colors?

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  • Southernlovely

    But it’s ghetto when we do it. Yea…. To be honest this is ugly. Unless it your whole head or your hair is black colored hair isn’t attractive.

    • So Over This Ish

      Agreed…I’m not feeling this at all. Both of them look a hot mess.

  • chanela

    Yup.i been saying this forever. whenever black people do something it’s never called creative,resourceful,or clever just ghetto and it’s looked down upon. yet the minute other races of women do the samn goddamn things then they get so much praise over it and it’s considered edgy and couture. big butts?j lo and kim k,plump lips?angelina jolie and scarlet johannson,creative nail art? considered “cute” on japanese women! i mean bo derek is credited for cornrows for godsakes! It’s ridiculous

    • binks

      Thank you! This is why we shouldn’t support the fashion industry but live up too and creative our own lanes in terms of beauty, fashion, and creativity because clearly other people are just catching up to what we already discarded. We don’t need them to validate or credit us we can do that ourselves. I wish a lot if us just wake up and see the power we hold. And fyi both these ladies don’t look good with hot pink weaves

    • Misti

      I agree…all of these things were brought on by creative and innovative black women and I will always think and believe it to look better on us….but to the other half of society they call us ghetto. Black women have had big behinds since the beginning of time, beautiful full lips since the beginning of time, wonderful curvy shapes since the beginning of time….started rocking colored hair, nails, and outside the box fashions…but we are ghetto…gtfoh!!

    • Gigi Young

      Agreed. I used to worry about how I would be viewed as a black woman when I thought about trying colored hair, or piercings, or anything viewed as “ghetto”, but now I don’t care. If your first thought is that I’m a hoodrat, that’s your problem, not mine.

  • dhonesty1

    it’s a shame that we don’t get props.. i ride the subway and i see so many non-black ppl w/all this damn color in their hair like a rainbow, most of it looks a mess.. i see black ppl w/it and sometimes it looks a mess too.. but then u got the girls who be killing it.. it’s blended, cut and curled flawlessly and non-black ppl will talk shyt but when other races do it, it’s creative.. what was the difference..

    both of the pics are a mess.. don’t like, not blended good at all..

  • T

    Stop it already! Colored hair isn’t new for anyone black or white! Can we say the 80’s!? Geez. It’s like blogs look for negative crap to say. It’s just a style that’s being revived for them but never left for some of us.

  • naturalbelle

    You can keep this look it’s looks trashy on women of any colour.