For years, a 401K and home ownership seemed like the sure ways to build a solid foundation lasting legacy. Side-hustles were to explore hobbies and a chance at multiple streams of income, but never really a focus. I didn’t grow up hearing small business and creativity talked about at the same time. If you were a creative, business was something that required more discipline and structure than your attention span allowed. But, in the age of startups, Kickstarter, and layoffs, going into business for your self, officially, has become more appealing and feasible.

During a recent trip back to my hometown, I took note of all the new businesses sprouting up. I started to look at ownership as a way to contribute to the revitalization happening in a place that I love dearly. I also thought about what entrepreneurship would mean for my own claims of independence and desire for freedom and flexibility. Of course there’s the question of being built for entrepreneurship. Was it something that only sounded good in theory?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur.” Along with a list of characteristics of successful small business owners, the site has awesome resources from grants to business plan how-tos. It’s just one of many online destinations that I plan on utilizing.

Have you considered becoming an entrepreneur? Do you think there should be as much of as emphasis on entrepreneurship as there is on home ownership?

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