Well, you asked for it and it’s back. The second episode of the new web series by writer and producer Kim Williams,the Unwritten Rules, is here, and once again, it’s hilarious.

In case you missed the first episode, The Unwritten Rules follows Racey as she starts a new job and has to deal with being the only black person in her workplace. Although her coworkers seem welcoming, their cultural ignorance and condescending tone rubs Racey the wrong way.

The show is based on Williams’ book, Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman, which chronicles her professional life of being the only black person on the job.

Check out the second episode of ‘The Unwritten Rules’ and let us know what you think! 

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  • kidole

    Considering one of my “beige” coworkers just described his morning to me as being “cray” …I needed this!!

    • LMAO WHAT?!?! You’re kidding right?? I don’t even know how I would react!

  • Yeah this is paranoia city! First off it’s interesting that on her resume on the beginning it says “agreeable” and “team player” because that doesn’t sound like her. She has a chip on her shoulder and interprets everything as being a slight. That blonde woman could have just been making conversations or tends to be condescending to everyone regardless of race. Sometimes it’s just a person’s interpersonal problems having nothing to do with your race.

    Second, if something smells good people say so! It has nothing to do with being black. Anytime at work when someone has restaurant food, pizza, or something they made people talk about it. It’s called being social, curious, and open to new things.

    Last of all, this is attempting to make it look like White men are shallow or have fetishes if they are attracted to Black women. But don’t Black men also say they like full lips, brown skin, and big behinds? Aren’t they fetishizing Black women? I mean men can see, they like hot women, and some features of Black women are hot so they like those features! That doesn’t mean they have a fetish. It’s just normal. It would be unusual if a guy was attracted to a beautiful woman who found her lips and body to be unappealing and to only be attracted to her mind (especially if she is a stranger he doesn’t even know). Men fetishize women period! Women probably fetishize men too when they only like certain physical traits (e.g., being tall, having big hands, a deep voice, full head of hair, and large other parts hint hint). Everything that people find attractive can be called a fetish if we are truly honest about it.

  • Tumaini

    hilarious..loved it

  • shawnte

    funny! especially the white guy at the end. this is the first web-series i’ve really liked so far. (but to be fair, i haven’t watched very many)

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