If this is what 40 looks like, sign us up. Actress, singer, producer, mother and wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, is featured in the May issue of the French mag IO Donna and she’s giving us more abdominal and chic fabulousness than we can hardly stand on the cover.

Inside, Jada shows off more of her petite frame and the beautiful black mane of hair she’s had shaven on the sides since this photo shoot. But beyond her physical gorgeousness, Jada shows us the beauty of being a wife and mother—in the midst of ugly accusations about her marriage and parenting style—and she also talks about realizing her dreams, not only for herself but her children. Here’s a bit of the interview:

Her relationship with Will

 “For us nothing has changed: it is the same life as before. When Will is working on a project, I usually have to take care of the boys, but now he is with Jaden because they star in the same movie, and Willow is with me because I’m the producer of her albums and I follow her into the recording studio. Tonight I leave for Philadelphia, going to see Will and Jaden, kiss them, hug them and then return to Los Angeles.”

Whether she’s gotten used to divorce rumors (which are currently going around now)

“Oh yes! The only thing you can do is sit back and wait for the cloud of smoke to dissipate. So then we just get us all together. What is true, and deep, resists. So, no separate houses … But no separate (and laughs, apparently amused).”

On her kids being in the spotlight

“I have now become the mother of Willow! It’s a challenging situation. The other day I said to Will: ‘Do you realize that you and I have built this from nothing? Think a moment where we come from and where we arrived. We haven’t even gone to college, yet we have realized our dreams.’ I have always dreamed of being able to give the kids a base from which to then get to the point ahead of us. When they tell me, ‘Mom, I wanna be like you, or dad,’ I reply that no, they must do much better than us because they had so much more … Now I feel fulfilled and I repeat: ‘You did a good job, Jada. Will you and I can congratulate one another.'”

We love this couple!

Are you a fan of Jada?

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