Former NYPD cop Michael Pena was sentenced to 75 years to life after being convicted of three counts of predatory sexual assault stemming from the attack of a teacher last year.

According to reports, Pena allegedly kidnapped, sodomized and raped the woman in an upper Manhattan alley as she was on her way to work. Pena claims he was too drunk to remember (or be responsible for) his actions. However, the victim testified that the former officer “destroyed” her life.

Despite overwhelming evidence to convict Pena of rape, the jury didn’t find him guilty of raping the woman, but they did convict him of predatory sexual assault, which turns out is a more serious crime.

Although many questioned the jury’s decision to acquit Pena of rape, the harshness of his prison sentence assures citizens that he won’t ever see the light of day again. District Attorney Cy Vance says Pena’s predatory sexual assault conviction is indeed a victory for victims.

“Today’s life sentence underscores the brutal nature of the defendant’s attack on an innocent young woman,” he said. “I commend the victim for her bravery throughout this process, and I thank Judge Richard Carruthers for delivering an appropriate sentence that takes the viciousness of the defendant’s crime into account.”

What do you think of Michael Pena’s 75-year sentence for sexual assault? 

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  • Alexandra

    Last year they let two off the hook (though evidence may have proven otherwise)
    Glad to hear this; sends the message that cops are not above the law.

  • H

    Good for him! I have no sympathy for people who hurt others on their quest for gratification. I am one of those people that thinks the justice system should just do away with violent murderers and child molesters who have been convicted and there is absolutely no doubt that they committed the crime.

    These people will probably never be productive members of society. Why are we wasting tax dollars on them? I would hope that harsh sentences and a death penalty that results in a speedy execution not decades on death row would make people think twice before doing senseless crime.

    But prisoners should be doing some hard work. If they had to work like slaves in prison, I bet they would get it together. Farmers need cheap labor. Put the prisoners out there. Taxpayers are paying for their room and board, so it is not really slavery. The problem with that would be officers trying to throw anybody in jail. Some kind of change needs to happen though.

    • Inori

      @H i agree with you 110% prisoners should be to benefit society at large ,what happened to hard labor? There are so many undesirable jobs that they should be used for instead on just sitting on their a***s in jail

  • TB

    honestly, i think of all the cops who got away with murdering black men and women while there was ample evidence. let’s hope that this is the beginning of cops not being above the law

  • starr

    I’m still upset about this case. I’m glad the judge threw the book at him.

  • ron digitygitydigtidog

    I hope he likes prison….and penis.