There were thousands of emails to sort through and not enough coffee in my system. For years I’ve worked with my best friend on a music site that he has held together despite our being partners. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I don’t. The same goes for my personal site. Blogging every day turned into considering shutting down the url. Just when I think I’m done, something happens that makes remember why I started with both of the sites. The same can be said for a number of things I’ve started throughout the years. When I’m really into the project or activity, my passion and productivity are unmatched. When I’m chilling, there’s little to no movement and seemingly nothing that can be done about it.

As of today I’m on ten. My vision for the music site has me beyond hyped. I’m focused on getting as much done before I hit another lull. But, my real goal is avoiding the lull all together.

How do you maintain the passion when it comes to passion projects? Do you take a break? Do you dead the project once the spark is gone? Do you keep working until the spark comes back?

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  • This is a great question. I’ve been wondering the same thing…as of right now, I think a lot of it is intrinsic: remembering why you started, what you’re doing it for, and what made you connect to the idea in the first place. From there, keeping others around you who motivate you directly or indirectly should help as well.

    These are only my thoughts though haha.

  • I take a break when the passion is gone. I return when I’m up to it. When you’re feeling a burst of inspiration, you can write posts for the times when you’re struggling to come up with anything.

  • I write an interior design/event planning blog and I’ve found that writing a “to blog” list and emailing myself ideas and inspirational images keeps me inspired. I have so many emails I’ve sent my own self that goes back to last summer. It’s to the point now I started a new series (in addition to my normal postings) where I daily post an image just to try to clear up my inbox some. I do it tumblr style where I don’t say much just site the source. I have written down ideas that I want to blog about which I refer to when I get in a rut. I add to that list all the time. I’ve also scheduled posts in advance so that if I’m tied up with life, my blog doesn’t go without fresh content. I typically do this once a week or whenever I have a bulk of time to blog and just schedule them so they automatically post on the days I want. I’ve heard of others having blog calendars where they write down what they want to write about & when. Then some people will blog about feeling uninspired and they will say they are taking a weeklong break or so before they come back refreshed. Everyone I think goes through it so I’d suggest that too if non of the above works.