After heading to a popular South Miami nightclub for a birthday celebration, a group of black women waiting on line to get in were met with a harsh wake-up call: They wouldn’t be partying in the club that night because they were black.

According to NBC Miami, Liz Lopez, Nancy Pierrot, Katuschca Jubuisson and Kat Bing say they were turned away from the Arkadia nightclub inside the popular Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel for no other reason than the color of their skin.

“Oh, I definitely know I didn’t get in because I am an African-American,” Jubuisson said. “It really sickens me because of the fact that I have given plenty of money to the Fountainebleau.”

Jubuisson says the club’s bouncer told the women they weren’t getting in—despite waiting in line—because they were black. In disbelief, the women continued to wait and observed other women being allowed into the club (they’d been inside before), but were again turned away.

“I stood out there for at least forty-five minutes. I saw all these other white girls, you know, getting in and I still waited. The gentleman at the front door behind the velvet rope didn’t even acknowledge us,” Kat Bing said. “One of the security guards saw us and kind of felt bad and approached me. He said you know what he’s not going to let you guys in because you’re black, you know that.”

The women say they were invited by one of the club’s promoters, Rodrick Dudley,  and were shocked when he flatly explained that the Fountainebleau only allows black women who look “twice as good” as white women.

“This is south beach a shallow self serving superficial place. They pay me 300 a night to bring attractive women to their establishment and or cats who spend dough. I know what it is going in,” he explained via text. “I’ve always been kind and accommodating to you and you’ve never shown me any appreciation which is fine. I don’t need it this is what I do because I like you I tried to cordially give you a heads up warning cause the only reason they let your girls in last time was because I fought to get em in. Its a double standard @ the fountainbleu. White chics can be ok. Black chics gotta look twice as good and they only cater to a so called urban crowd on thursdays and sundays. Peace and love.”

The women have filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Fountainebleau Hotel, but the club and hotel issued a statement saying it appreciates and embraces diversity.

“Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a hotel that embraces diversity and truly cares about its guests and Team Members. To nurture diversity on our property, we offer diversity trainings; embrace talent acquisition programs that bring Team Members to us from all areas of the world, and host events to celebrate diversity,” the statement said. “We are an Equal Opportunity establishment that has been, and will continue to be, dedicated to this fundamental principle.”

“What has been claimed in this investigation is not acceptable, will not be tolerated and should not have happened on our property,” the statement said.

The Fountainebleau claims Dudley is not affiliated with the hotel or the nightclub, and has barred him from the property.

The hotel invited the ladies back to the club to “experience the true level of hospitality that they deserve,” but the group has declined. The ladies say they don’t want anyone else to be discriminated against and are continuing with their lawsuit.

Have you ever faced discrimination at a nightclub? 

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  • Erik P

    I had a similar experience in Miami was ignord at Space nightclub despite having a express promo wristband given to me on the beach w/ also allowed 20$ off b4 3am. after being made to wait outside by powertriping bouncers one said you can’t come in with that outfit. i was wearing designer italian pants and a mesh shirt. they said they had a problem with the shirt and had to dress up. Which i found very hilarious that these people thought they had more of an understanding of fashon than I did. But i didn’t make any negative comments and asked to speak with the manager. the manager came out and said its up to the door person. the door person then said see, he said you couldn’t come in. upset with his lying i asked to speak with another manager who ignored me at first and then proceeded to be very insulting and said they were allowed to make any rules they wanted about a dress code even when I said the dress code was not stated in their advertising this person said it didn’t matter. They said I would have to change my outfit and pay full price because the wristband was only good b4 3am. which it was now after 3am after being made to wait outside and having to be insulted by various staff members and some random female attendee. There is now law against the outfit i was wearing especially for a male to have part of their torso showing in a tasteful outfit in a tropical climate. I believe the rejection was based in part by possible homophobia and the staff being stuck up and having a power trip. It felt more like trying to get into a crooked police station rather than one of the best dance music destinations. walking down the street i was also met with more jeering from homophobic clubgoers and really feel saddened that things are so ugly and prejudice still in 2012. The next nighclub at Mekka i watched a security guard tell several male partygoers they couldn’t remove their shirts while in the nightclub. I was told the next night at Nikki beach i couldn’t enter the nightclub with tank top and needed be wearing sleeves. which i thought was ridiculous and the rule didn’t seem to apply to female attendees or the person rejecting my choice of outfit. Because they we more polite about describing their dress code i complied and put on a jacket. But the security was so strict and psychotic that was told couldn’t even walk down a staircase because it was up only. at one point trying to leave the upper level was told at all 3 different exits by three different security guards that i coudn’t leave out that door. leaving me trapped by these braindead security people until i saw another group leaving out a door i was previously told was not allowed to use. I can say coming to Miami and expecting to visit some of the best nightclubs in the world that it is more hype and a stuck up attitude and the quality of the music and venues is totally over-rated. I am really sadenned by the lack of freedom and outrageous rules being implemented and the discrimination against certain groups of people by these uneducated bullies ruining nightlife.