What are your thoughts on race and activism? That’s the question that the Applied Research Center (ARC) explored in their latest study Millennials, Activism and Race. Authored by Dominique Appollon, Ph.D, the report details the findings from nine focus groups that consisted of “young progressives” age 18-30 in Portland, Oakland, Atlanta, Baltimore, and New York. According to researchers the purpose of the study was to:

– Better understand what motivates young people — particularly young people of color— to engage in progressive organizations and movements, including the Occupy Movement that spread nationwide in fall 2011;
– Identify what young social and racial justice advocates see as the major barriers to the realization of their societal vision and goals; and
– Gauge the extent to which, and why, young progressives feel that an explicit racial justice lens is essential to social justice struggles
When you download the 35-page report, you’ll find the questions asked in the focus groups, a summary of their findings, and recommendations. One of the things I found pretty interesting was the ranking of issues. Most popular social justice interests were:

1. Racial justice
2. Economic justice/class issues
3. Sexism and gender issues
4. Prisons and crime
5. Environment
6. Immigrant rights
7. Education
10.Food justice
11.Worker’s rights
12. Housing

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