How do you like your morning cup of joe? Whether you’re a black coffee, no sugar, no cream, type of girl or you like a little bit of both, this new study give you another reason to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine. According to studies from National Institutes of Health, coffee drinkers may live a bit longer than those who don’t partake.

As expected, the researchers found that the regular coffee drinkers in the group were also more likely to be smokers. They ate more red meat and fewer fruits and vegetables, exercised less and drank more alcohol – all behaviors associated with poor health.

But once the researchers controlled for those risks, the data showed that the more coffee a person consumed, the less likely he or she was to die from a number of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, infections and even injuries and accidents.

The lead researcher on the study, Neal D. Freedman of the National Cancer Institute offered the following perspective:

“It’s a modest effect,” he said. “But the biggest concern for a long time has been that drinking coffee is a risky thing to do. Our results, and some of those of more recent studies, provide reassurance for coffee drinkers that this isn’t the case. The people who are regularly drinking coffee have a similar risk of death as nondrinkers, and there might be a modest benefit.’’

Do studies influence whether are not you reach for a daily cup?

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