“Nas, get your daughter,” was the common sentiment on blogs and in the comment when the Queens MC’s daughter, Destiny, photographed a picture of a box of condoms and displayed it on the ‘nets. Who thought he’d turn around and put it in a song? When he took the booth and recorded his thoughts on the incident and more for the track “Daughters,” many of the same blogs (and probably folks behind the comments) hailed the song as one of the realest and gave the rapper props for being so honest. But the feedback wasn’t all good. Destiny’s mom was not pleased. She took to the Twitterverse to voice her disappointment. “Do you really think Destiny appreciated that song,” she asked, concerned about the verses that put her daughter on blast. Despite the tensions that the song may have caused, Nas released the visuals this weekend.

“Daughters,” is shown through Destiny’s eyes. The video goes from childhood birthdays, to kick-it sessions with boys and friends, to graduation and a few things in between. What’s clear from the visuals and the video is the amount of responsibility Nas feels for Destiny’s actions. When he talks about the guys she’s into, he references his own dating history. When speaks on not wanting her to smoke weed, he alludes to examples he may have set – while rhyming with a red cup. What if he’d taken her to school more? What if she hadn’t seen him do certain things via the media?

The video and song do a good job showing how a number of men feel raising daughters. It tackles many of the difficulties of being a parent to a teenager, period. But how much of a kid’s actions are tied directly what they see from their parents?

How much of a daughter’s actions are connected to her father’s presence?

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  • ImJustSaying

    I like the video. It shows Nas taking responsibility for not being an Active parent. Studies show that most women with a good relationship with their father (not saying healthy or positive just good) will date and possibly marry a man like him.Women who did not have a good relationship with their fathers (as precieved by the daughter, the men could be good dads) dated men the opposite of their fathers. Destiny grew up with a thug dad who kept her happy with material things, so she sees guys her age that matches his description as who she should be with or at least who she’s comfortable with.

    All the time we see little kids cursing and acting a fool and we say “where are the parents?” then the parents come around the corner on the phone cursing and carrying on the same way. To say children aren’t shaped by thier parents is a little naive. All the “well I know a girl who….” stories are most likely the exception to the rule. Kids who see healthy relationships usually emulate that in their future relationships. The difference is that these are teenage relationships not adult ones. If a girl sees her father doting on his wife at (say he bought a just because gift for the mom) and a boy trying to just get in the daughter’s pants buys her lunch at McD’s she may view that as equivalent to her father’s act of affection. It’s not. But she only has one point of reference (granted a positive one) that tells her this boy cares for her like her father cares for her mother. We are shaped by the the people around us. wheter we are exact replicas or merely reverse impressions of the people we’re around.

  • Nas should’ve named this song When the roosters come home to roost

  • Shelly

    YES, YES, and HELL YES! Women, please THINK before you lay down with a man. Stop having sex with trifling men. The men are at fault, too, but so are we. Unless you are raped, it is your decision to sleep with whomever you choose, and you are not ignorant to the consequences of sex. Even if the man pursued you, it doesn’t matter. You are the one who DECIDES to engage in intercourse, so you are responsible, too. Both parents play a major role in the overall health and balance of a child. Please stop setting these kids up for failure by laying an unstable foundation.