TV One’s Unsung has been upping its game each season, featuring groups and artists who’ve faded from public view but have been anything but forgotten. The next season, which begins on June 25, is no exception. The network has released its lineup, and we can’t wait to hear what these folks have been up to.

This summer, Unsung will profile:

– Con Funk Shun

– The Marvelettes

– Angela Bofill

– Sly and the Family Stone

– Kool Moe Dee

– Gerald Levert

– Lou Rawls

– Arrested Development

We love the gradual mixture of hip-hop groups like Kool Moe Dee and Arrested Development with the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s acts we’ve come to expect. Last season’s feature on the rap/r&b collective Full Force was one of the funnest episodes aired. This season, we’re most excited about Sly Stone, Angela Bofill, and Arrested Development. Sly’s famed elusive nature and battle with addiction will be highlighted. Bofill’s devastating health struggles (two debilitating strokes) and her tentative return to the stage will be chronicled. And we just want to hear about the beef between Arrested Development members that left them playing Telephone between agents and managers, rather than talking directly to each other.

Unsung will air on Mondays at 9pm. For more detailed descriptions of each episode, visit TV One’s Unsung site.

Will you be watching? Does this line-up excite you? In whose episode are you most interested?

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