When Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged premiered, I had no clue that it would have such an impact on me. While my friends complained about it not being The Miseducation, the simple guitar chords, and that “damn hat,” I was thankful that she gave us her poetry. Sure, it wasn’t the Lauryn I expected, but it was the Lauryn I needed. And when I need a break from the world and a bit of time to myself, it’s the Unplugged album that serves as the soundtrack for my reflection and meditation.

There’s a rawness in Lauryn’s storytelling. From the interludes to the lyrics, she exposes herself. Her vulnerability allows me to become just as open and undone, if only for a few tracks. As she sings about the need to rebel, feeling refreshed afterward, finding peace of mind, and the conquering lion, I am transported into a zone. I write. I meditate. I think. I rethink. When all seems to fall apart, I can light a candle, grab a glass of petit syrah, light a candle, play Lauryn Hill Unplugged, and pull it all together.

What is your go-to album for reflecting? Why?

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