If you know anything about Santigold, you’re aware that she’s a woman who doesn’t fit into a mold when it comes to her artistry or fashion. The singer/songwriter is making her return to the music scene after a much-missed absence, and though you might have thought she fell off during her departure. Santigold says never that.

The 35-year-old says she’s always had a way of making things happen and when it comes to her highly anticipated return with Master of My Make-Believe, there’s nothing about her rise to success that’s a fantasy.

In the May/June issue of Spin magazine, the artist, born Santi White, revealed a very simple key to her long-awaited return after four years away from the industry.

“I’ve always had dreams that come true and no understanding or control of it. It’s not until you learn to silence the clutter that you can pay attention to the coincidences.”

Santigold’s success is certainly no coincidence, neither is her eclectic style. Santi talks about going from an all-white girl school in the eighth grade to a public high school with a mix of people for her freshman year, and then a Quaker school for the next three years and realizing she didn’t have to switch her up her style for the people around her.

“I was like, ‘I don’t have to be this way or this way or this way.’ I am really comfortable in all these environments and with all these different people. So I made it my business to find every scene in Philadelphia — house-music parties, college parties. I was a connector, because all these different people would never hang out together, but they’d be together with me.

“That’s what my music does. And that’s what I realized.”

Check out some of Sanitgold’s looks from her Spin spread.

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