Bill Wisth has a super-sized appetite. The six-foot-six-inch man weighs in at 350lbs., which means he can pack quite a punch in the buffet line. But unfortunately for Wisth (or fortunately for his arteries?), the Wisconsin man recently came across one restaurant that just didn’t live up to their all-you-can-eat fish fry promise.

After putting away 12 pieces of battered fish, Wisth said he was shocked when the restaurant refused to fulfill his request for more fish. Apparently, the restaurant claimed they were running out of fish and offered to send him home with eight more pieces. But that wasn’t good enough for Wisth. Feeling slighted he called the police and decided to picket outside the establishment to “stand up for consumers.”

While the whole things sounds completely ridiculous, Wisth might just have a point: the restaurant DID claim they offered an all-you-can-eat fish fry and apparently, 12 pieces wasn’t all Mr. Wisth could eat.

With the waistlines of Americans rapidly expanding, should restaurants even offer all-you-can-eat options or are they setting themselves (and their customers) up for failure?

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