I’m not sure we can say Beyonce ever really left, but four months after birthing her baby girl, Blue Ivy, the pop diva announced she’s hitting the stage again.

Although a day rarely went by without some sort of Bey spotting, news, or gossip, it’s been a minute since Beyonce donned her golden onesie and high kicked across the stage. And in case folks were wondering if King B would give up her diamond-encrusted throne and let the new kids have her crown, she announced three Memorial Day weekend shows that had fans grabbing for their wallets.

The shows, at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, NJ., sold out in minutes, proving that Bey can still command a crowd. To answer the demand, her team added another show—Monday May 28—and tickets go on sale via her newly revamped website on Friday, May 11.

But are these shows just a way for Beyonce to remind her fans, stans, and haters that she’s still got it or will it kick off her much-discussed possible world tour?

What do you think? Will you be copping a ticket? 

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  • Tami

    I would love to go see Beyonce in concert but unfortunately to get a good seat costs a lot of money & I am not willing to invest that…But I love that girl.

  • Vee

    I like Beyonce but I feels like she doesn’t give people a chance to miss her….you know I like artists like Sade, Maxwell, and Anita Baker who are not always in the limelight every week.

    • Kanyade

      I think Beyonce “has” to come back. Not only is she a singer/artist but she is also a BUSINESS and a BRAND. Sade and Maxwell aren’t so “branded”. They are not as “corporate” as Beyonce, so they don’t need to be so “present” all the time. Just my .02 cents.

    • Whatever

      I agree with both your comments. However, I don’t consider Beyonce an “artist”… she’s a pop star. She is definitely a branded product and has to constantly be relevant and in your face much like Mcdonalds, Pepsi or Nike. There are artists that have made a name for themselves with just one album and could take a decade off and come back without worrying about being forgotten or replaced. Pop stars don’t really have that luxury.

      Beyonce is a great performer and really can put on a show but her domination of the airwaves and charts are mostly due to a lack of competition. This isn’t the 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s when there was an amazing amount of talent pouring out of the music industry in every genre and there was a wide variety of artists to choose from. Right now in the mainstream we have Beyonce and Rihanna and that’s about it. Mainstream R&B is pretty much in the midst of a slow death and these awful David Guetta-esque dance remix music have taken over.

  • Maggie

    I like Beyonce, but she is so attention starved. I guess it was too much to think that she would take some time off and be with her child. I think that she gets anxious when people aren’t talking about her or her music. I mean she has been in the spotlight for the majority of her life so I guess it makes sense. As soon as she fell off to have her child, she threw up a tumblr so that we wouldn’t forget about her. I think most celebrities have these tendencies, but its just an interesting dynamic to watch.

  • lug

    I’m paying my bills this summer, there is nothng she can do for me to make me drop $$$$$$$$$$$$. Played out performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!