83680446The Internet, in all its splendor, has given us so much joy since it’s introduction to the society at large some 20 years ago, and one its most renowned contributions is the advent of online dating. Millions of people worldwide have chosen cyber-dating as a perfectly viable option to finding their ideal mate.

While some men and women prefer the old fashioned manner of meeting a potential companion, but the for many individuals with hectic lifestyles, and what-not, find themselves considering the many benefits offered by online dating sites. But where there is profit, there is loss.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of online dating, shall we?


1. One of the many perks of online dating is that you can cut through the crap – so to speak. Folks who join dating sites often spell out exactly what they are looking for in a relationship, resulting in less confusion when it comes to figuring out what ones intentions are in getting to know you.

2. Given its virtual nature, dating sites give people the opportunity to meet up with potentially like-minded individuals who they may normally never cross paths with.

3. Meeting people online allows some to test the waters and determine compatibility. At times, it may be easier to weed out folks who don’t meet your standards (looks, interests, views or otherwise) before you even get to the first physical date.

4. Given the detached nature of this courting phenomenon, it’s great option for the extreme introvert who may have difficulty in initial face-to-face encounters. Dating sites allow members to express themselves in a way that may leave them feeling less vulnerable, and therefore more confident in conducting themselves with prospective partners.


1. Unfortunately, there are many folks who misrepresent themselves on these sites. Some folks use out-dated profile pictures of how they looked 50 pounds ago. Others may neglect to mention that they’re married. Regardless, if you venture into the realm of online dating, go in with your eyes open, and remember that in some cases, seeing is believing.

2. There’s but so much you can learn about a person via virtual exhange. Poor hygiene, personal characteristics, appearance or other traits you may find unacceptable cannot be conveyed online. Keeping an open mind may not be a bad idea in this instance.

3. As with in-person dating, danger can lurk in the shadows of dating sites. It’s crucial to use sound judgment, and the Criminal Records Search site on as needed basis.

4. For some, the monetary cost of joining these sites can be money wasted without the proper results. Know your price to avoid this particular pitfall.

The aforementioned advantages and disadvantages cyber-dating are just some fundamental examples. In the end, it’s best to choose the avenue that best fits your needs and lifestyle, and always remember that true love will find you, as long as you leave yourself open to it.

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