3 Reasons We’re Excited About ‘The Face’ —
Just a little over a day ago, Oxygen announced Naomi Campbell as the face of a new reality modeling competition airing on the network. Fittingly, the show is called ‘The Face,” and it will follow the British model as she mentors a group of unknown models as they embark on photo shoots, runway shows, and commercials before a winner is chosen to become the face of a major brand.

Even though the series won’t debut until 2013—and we’ve sort of already seen this before—we’re still super excited to check out this new reality competition. Here’s why:

We were a little over America’s Next Top Model

Although this show promises to be the second coming of Tyra’s CW hit, it’s still not ANTM which means we’ll get to enjoy all of the things we loved about ANTM (makeup, hair, heels, amazing fashion) but in a new way. It’s not easy to keep a show running for 18 seasons, but after so many themes and revamps we still pretty much new what was going to happen in each episode. With ‘The Face’ all we know is it’s a modeling competition and Naomi’s in it. Fashion, new faces, and a different insider look at the industry. Check, check, check.

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Five Online Fashion Magazines We Love — 
Remember the days when we had to pick up our favorite fashion magazines at the neighborhood grocery store or Barnes and Nobles just to keep up with the latest fashion trends and exclusives. Print isn’t dead. These days it comes in the form of online publications we can easily read on our laptops, iPhone, or tablet. Independent fashion magazines are still flourishing thanks to the transition into online media. We wanted to introduce you to five online magazines you should check out and support! (Continue Reading…)

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