Some people call them a classier version of daisy dukes. Some people call them high-waisted denim shorts. Of course, having a few pair of shorts are essential for the months ahead. The trendiest way to show off your legs this summer will be with denim shorts.

High waisted shorts provide a bit more coverage for your bottom and come in a variety of styles from torn to fringed. Like anything else in your closet, these shorts can be dressed up or down.

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  • I’d wear them! They would be perfect for my trip to Miami next month :)

  • Tammy P

    I am definitely rocking them. I think I will try them distressed and maybe add some studs for flare!!

  • brandy

    i wont, unfortunately. im a tad too heavy. :( love the trend tho!

  • Elle

    they just remind me of mom jeans that have been cut off…And usually, the waist is higher so thee hem can be higher also. I’m not a fan or barely there shorts I just like regular shorts of a reasonable length.