Forbes.com reports that three students at Uganda’s Makerere University have won the top honor in the Microsoft East and Southern Africa Imagine Cup competition for inventing a handheld machine that scans the progress of pregnancies. The sophomores,  Aaron Tushabe, Joshua Okello and Josiah Kavuma, call their device WinSenga.

WinSenga combines the traditional horn used by midwives and gynecologists to hear fetal sounds with a smartphone capable of determining the position, growth, and movement of the baby. The phone displays the results of WinSenga’s findings on its screen.

It’s a remarkable development its creators believe will aid doctors in making more accurate determinations about the health of growing fetuses. WinSenga will be entered in a larger, international competition, the Imagine Worldwide Cup finals, which will take place in July. The device is set to become available commercially that month, at $3,000.

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