Mother’s Day is right around the corner and as I sit writing this post I am reminded of why I can’t manage to leave the house unless I’m pretty much matching from underwear to shoes—my mother (who clearly got it from my grandmother too).

It’s been coordination central ever since I was a little girl. Frilly dresses with matching frilly socks, the same color shoes, matching hair bows, a matching purse. That same “gotta coordinate” thinking followed me through my pre-teen years when I would literally coordinate the rubber bands on my braces with the shirt I was wearing and the barrettes in my hair, even as an adult I find no greater satisfaction than discovering an earring or even a handbag in the exact same unique shade as say a pair of heels—although I now know just one or two accent colors does an outfit good. Watching my mother and grandmother match the same way for family events tells me exactly where I got that from.

Beyond coordinating, I also learned the value of a good sale from my mother. The only labels we ever looked for was a discount tag or the sign of a markdown, which is why I love being such a thrifty shopper now. I don’t have to be the first one to buy a new trend but I will most likely be the one who paid the least for it. That’s why my closet has a lot of variety and I’m able to switch up my looks on a day-to-day basis rather than spending tons of dollars on one good dress or suit.  That’s a style lesson I’m beyond grateful for today.

Mothers shape so much about our style—good and bad—without even knowing it but it’s this time of year when we remember just where we got our love of diamonds, wrap dresses, or strappy sandals—from the first women we saw wear them, our mothers.

What did your mom teach  you about style?

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