This rant is going to come off as hate but it’s really coming from a place of concern. If you haven’t yet seen Good Deeds or Think Like a Man yet, don’t consider this a spoiler; it’s more like a heads up on the terrible weave you will see on Gabrielle Union, and truthfully for no reason.

Backing up just a bit, I used to not be a fan of Gaby. I got tired of seeing her in the same roles over and over, especially because I didn’t care for those characters much. But that all changed when I saw her in Daddy’s Little Girls. I became a fan of the actress, partially because I saw a little bit of myself in her character and partially because I fell in love with the curly, asymmetrical bob she rocked in the film. Off camera, Gabrielle usually opts for longer, flowing waves, but regardless of the length, her hair is always on point. And that is why I can’t understand the terrible hair she’s had in her last two films.

I have never, and I mean never seen such a bad unintentional weave on-screen in my life until Good Deeds. Throughout all 110 minutes of the film I kept waiting for them to discuss her hair because I sincerely thought it was a part of the plot somehow, like her character was going to go natural or something by the end and ditch the bad yaki. But no such luck, somehow the hairstylist on the set thought it was cool to have a hair piece attached to the back of Gabrielle’s head that didn’t blend in color, texture, or style, as I sat there thinking, really? So we’re not going to discuss this?

Fast forward to Think Like a Man and I had Good Deeds déjà vu. Without giving too much away, Gabrielle Union was a pretty successful real estate agent in the movie and it was supposed to be her boyfriend who was stuck in his college years. However I couldn’t help but notice Gaby’s hair was somehow stuck in a time where you’d let your friend just glue some tracks in your hair for the night because you didn’t know any better. There was all sorts of buckling around the edges, poofyness at the crown, and just a cheap texture to the hair. I’m really curious if Remy was out of stock during filming because there was just no reason for that sad excuse for hair when you had Taraji P. Henson rocking a banging medium-length ‘do with her own locks.

I’m only calling this out because I love Gabrielle now and I can’t bear to see her weave butchered in another feature-length film. Next time, she might want to build her own hairstylist into the contract because they’ve been playing her in the hair department in her last two movies.

Did you notice Gabrielle Union’s hair was a little off in her last two films?

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  • Alysia

    I have to agree hands down… and I’ve always bit my tongue so as not to seem like a hater, but whomever she is trusting with her hair is trying see how far they can go before they get fired. I think it would be interesting to know if she is transitioning, avoiding styling tools/products, or something. maybe natural styles would suit her better. Or headbands…

  • this is something I was thinking…and didn’t say lol

  • Ashley

    Honestly, her hair has never been on point in my opinion. Well maybe a couple of times, but not enough to even count on my hand. Watch Bad Boys II…all those short pieces of her hair exposed. It’s just an issue all across the board. Now, she did look good in Essence with her booski. She’s too pretty, too paid, and too grown to run around here all willy nilly with her hair looking a mess like it does.

  • Liz

    Seriously! I mean, doesn’t SHE know her hair looks terrible? After Bad Boys II she should have a good hairstylist with her on EVERY set… I mean, Gabby is paid – and most black hairstylists in LA can give you a bomb weave for 500 bucks.

  • tina

    When LL Cool J dipped her on Deliver Us from Eva all of the short edges on her long weave were sticking straight up all around her head.