“There are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one component. …But success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind.” – Deepak Chopra

Many of us think of success as only based on material things. We think being successful means having a nice house, or being able to take lavish vacations, or having a fat savings account. While these things may hint at our triumphs in life, true success comes from how we feel about ourselves.

As Billy Dee Williams told Diana Ross in Mahogany, “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with,” and whether your share it with your lover, family, or friends, true success and happiness comes from feeling at peace and loved–by yourself and others.

As we set out on yet another week attempting to reach our goals, remember to holistically define success. Because “making it” is based on more than just what’s in your bank account…it’s also what’s in your heart and soul.

Happy Monday!

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