Ladies aren’t typically the ones lining up outside of sneaker stores the night before a new pair of Jordan’s hits the shelves, but a couple leading fashion ladies have been seen rockin’ a fresh pair of jays on a regular lately.

Though we don’t know if Kim is just trying to keep up with Kanye West, she does appear to enjoy the comfort of Nike’s new Air Jordan Retro 3 sneakers. Singer Rita Ora has also been seen rocking a pair on several occasions, pairing them with black leggings like Kim K. and fringed jean shorts like seen here.

Sneaks are definitely a must to give your feet a break from 5-inch stilettos, but most women opt for a pair of Converse or rainy day sneakers when they’re going for the casual look. Still, there’s just something about these all-white cement 3’s with gray and orange accents that keep these ladies coming back—and we kinda like it.

Would you rock ’em?

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    its not me…but whatever, maybe on a run with my man to get some ice cream or whatnot.

  • Stephanie

    …hell yeah… if you’re a sneaker head, then you’ll rock a fresh pair of kicks any day of the week! all of its in the closet, heels, flats, sandals …sneaks …whatever I need to complete my outfit to my desired destination…. plus they’re jordans …come on son! some kid in a 3rd world country made 10 dollars that day for you to rock ’em for 100 dollars… don’t let his energy go to waste… be fly proud…

  • twan

    why just because those two have it on??? uhh no sneakers with tights are ugly. i don;t care who has it on.

  • Em

    I’m generally not fan of sneakers/running shoes, especially those bulky ones that are popular these days.I don’t care if they’re “jordans” (don’t even know what it means) athletic shoes only have one purpose for me: going to the gym.I wouldn’t be wearing those out and about!!

  • binks

    No, never did care for Jordans…shrugs. I don’t mind rocking sneakers but these style are not the type I rock