caviar-nailsCaviar nails are insanely popular right now and are the hottest manicure trend to take over ladies’ hands since ombre nails made their debut. But as hot as these nails look, we can’t help but wonder just how practical they are.

It’s hard enough trying to make a manicure last a week without polish getting nicked from regular everyday activities. This textured style ups the chipped ante quite a bit because your nail bed is essentially covered with a ton of colorful microbeads that are held in place by a simple base coat of polish.

The coolest thing about this manicure is that it’s totally a D-I-Y kind of project, if you have the patience, and you can remix the trend anyway you please with the color beads and pattern you choose. Sephora carries $25 Ciat√© Caviar Manicure kits in three shades but since you’ll be doing good just to have the 3-D nail look last nearly a week, that could be a bit of an investment just to rock for one night. But who knows, it might just be worth it.

Would you rock ’em?

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