D. Wade is a pretty refined and sophisticated dresser off the court—who never looks bad in a suit by the way—but he’s gone in a completely different direction with a new shoe line he designed.

After high-end loafer brand Del Toro created a couple of custom-made pairs for Dwyane, the Miami Heat player was so pleased with them that the company suggested he try designing a few pairs of his own and what you see here is what he came up with.

Loafers have become a cool, hipster look for trendy men and women to wear, and are no longer the old man shoe your grandfather would walk around in, plus you can’t say Dwyane didn’t throw his own contemporary spin on them with these designs.

For now, the limited edition pairs are chilling in D. Wade’s closet and there’s no word on when or where these shoes will come out or who they’re for and how much they’ll cost but they’ve got a unisex appeal that makes us think the ladies may want to get in on the loafer action when the collection is released, maybe.

Would you rock ’em?


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