Clutch wrote last week about former football star Brian Banks, who was sentenced to ten years in prison after a childhood “friend” accused him of rape. After his full exoneration, Banks made known his long-held hope that he would still be able to fulfill his dream of trying out for an NFL position. It was a long shot. Banks is now 26, several years older than the average rookie. But in it a twist made for the movies, the Seattle Seahawks yesterday announced that they will, in fact, take a chance on Banks.

Though Seahawks coach Pete Carroll offered no formal comment, the team did confirm that Banks will be working out with them on June 7, which will give him the opportunity to show his full range of athletic ability. According to the Huffington Post, the Seahawks may not be the only team interested in Banks. A statement from the California Western School of Law, which houses the California Innocence Project, the nonprofit that was instrumental in clearing Banks’ name, reports that a half-dozen NFL teams have gotten in contact with Banks, and ESPN.com reported some of those include the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins.

Here’s hoping that Brian Banks will be able to redeem the time and opportunities his accuser stole from him back in 2002.

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  • Laugh

    People still have their own free will. God will not stop your free will. So this girl had the free will to lie on this poor kid. Sometimes things don’t make sense right now but in the future they will. I bet when he was a kid he never thought he would be exonerated, I bet he would have never had so many teams coming after him, I bet he never would of had a multimillion dollar blockbuster made (you know it’s coming), I bet his case may work to free 30 other wrongly convicted young men, I bet the legal system can now think twice before wrongly convicting another kid of the same crime. As horrible as this was I guarantee you there is a lot of good to come from it!

    • Laugh

      This was in response to RJ.

    • RJ

      I swear, I am not trying to get into a religion debate because I don’t want to distract from the larger story here – and I am very happy for this gentleman. But, if God allows us to have free will and our actions are the determining factor for almost every outcome in our lives, why does God exist? What purpose does God serve? If God allowed slavery to go on for 200 years and the degradation and subjugation of the black community to continue for close to 200 years after we gained our freedom (throughout the ENTIRE WORLD), what purpose does God serve? To make us feel better about horrible situations like this?

      People want to give God the credit for rescuing people from situations that God allowed them to experience in the first place. And what about the many, many God-fearing men and women in this country who never receive any remedy for the suffering that they experience? If God is righting wrongs, he/she has a very arbitrary way of going about it.

      In order to believe in God, you either have to suspend all complex thinking or not think at all. It just defies all types of logic.

    • overseas_honeybee

      @RJ. God will never override your freewill. That’s the catch. Almost like the role of being a parent. There comes a point when your’s child’s will is out of your hands. Through God’s grace we’re often spared from alot of things. But, you are still free to make your own choices and every choice comes with good or bad consequences.

      Our selfish choices can also effect others as in this case … when ole’ girl lied etc. Despite that …this young man will still come out on top. Bad things happen to good people everyday … but we can make the choice to still trumph or topple over when faced with adversity. This young man kept fighting.

      “Believing” is a choice coupled with faith. God’s existence will always defy our logic but when you’ve actually felt His presence and seen His power for yourself … it’s easier to trust that He is real but that’s comes with practice and by letting our guards down. Far from easy sir but it can be done.

    • overseas_honeybee

      @RJ * sir or ma’am* Didn’t mean to assume you were a male. My bad :)

    • Teiko

      I am going to have to agree with you, RJ.

  • Wish my man the best of luck.

  • The Taker

    Yes, a happy ending. So glad for him.

  • alldawg

    Goodspeed and good luck to this young man who lost his youth behind bars. Even if dosent make the team, I hope that he’d make the practice squad which also earns a decent wage.

    Its also good that he has something to focus on rather than revenge, or some other regressive outlet than can land him back in prison.

  • Alexandra

    Very happy that he is being given a chance to show what he’s capable of. He seems very passionate about it, and this opportunity would be a great reward for what he’s lost.
    I wish him and his family good luck. Hope his career takes off.