Clutch wrote last week about former football star Brian Banks, who was sentenced to ten years in prison after a childhood “friend” accused him of rape. After his full exoneration, Banks made known his long-held hope that he would still be able to fulfill his dream of trying out for an NFL position. It was a long shot. Banks is now 26, several years older than the average rookie. But in it a twist made for the movies, the Seattle Seahawks yesterday announced that they will, in fact, take a chance on Banks.

Though Seahawks coach Pete Carroll offered no formal comment, the team did confirm that Banks will be working out with them on June 7, which will give him the opportunity to show his full range of athletic ability. According to the Huffington Post, the Seahawks may not be the only team interested in Banks. A statement from the California Western School of Law, which houses the California Innocence Project, the nonprofit that was instrumental in clearing Banks’ name, reports that a half-dozen NFL teams have gotten in contact with Banks, and ESPN.com reported some of those include the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins.

Here’s hoping that Brian Banks will be able to redeem the time and opportunities his accuser stole from him back in 2002.

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