Father’s Day is this Sunday and to commemorate the occasion, Clutch will be spotlighting dads all week. We’re kicking off the celebration with a list of our favorite celebrity dads. We picked fathers who are vocal about their children, who are often seen spending time with them, and who we admire for their dedication. As always our picks aren’t meant to be exhaustive, so feel free to add your own below.

1. Spike Lee
Spike Lee opens the song, “Church,” on De La Soul’s The Grind Date, by introducing himself not as a filmmaker but as “loving husband and father to Tonya, Satchel, and Jackson.” And what a great primary way of identifying himself. Lee is one of our favorite celebrity dads because, ever since marrying Tonya Lewis Lee in 1993, he’s seemed to be a very committed family man. Whether taking his daughter to Knicks games or his son to film premieres (and if you follow the link to the film they’re seeing and look at Spike’s expression, you know only intense love for his only son would’ve dragged him there…), he’s a celebrity dad to admire.

2. Will Smith
This one’s a no-brainer. Both Will and Jada are extremely proud, vocal, hands-on parents, who accompany their working children to film sets, video shoots, and recording sessions. A blended family, the Smiths seem as inspired by their kids as their kids likely are by them. And Will mentions his family in about ninety percent of his press interviews; it’s pretty clear he prioritizes them.

3. Chris Rock
Ever since becoming a dad to daughters, Chris Rock’s stand-up and other projects have been informed by his parenting. In stand-up, he’s quipped that he believes one of his main goals as a dad is keeping his daughters “off the pole,” and at more serious turns, he’s taken an active interest in fostering healthy self-esteem in his girls, particularly as it relates to their attitudes about their hair and their appearance. He claims that his documentary, Good Hair, was conceived when his daughters began to question why their hair texture wasn’t “good.” He and his wife, Malaak, recently added another daughter to their brood, a two-year-old from South Africa.

4. Don Cheadle
Another father to girls, actor Don Cheadle is interested in raising his daughters, Ayana and Imani, with a heart for philanthropy and activism. He has taken them on trips to South Africa and speaks frequently about his and his partner’s desire to raise them with culture awareness. Recently, Cheadle discussed his struggle to deal with his eldest longing to attend college far, far away from him and her mom. He’s a pretty adorable dad.

6. Snoop Dogg
As we saw on his now-defunct reality show, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, Snoop is a hands-on dad. Whether coaching his son’s football league or fostering his beloved daughter, Cori’s, music career, he’s proud of his kids and also rather conscious of how his past choices are affecting their attitudes about life. It was good to see him grapple with what it means to raise children under the gaze of his own reputation.

7. Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade took sole custody of his sons last year and has always been very devoted to them, as far as we can see. He’s frequently seen out with them, he schedules his professional commitments around them, and he makes sure that his high-profile relationship with actress Gabrielle Union blends well with his responsibilities as a parent.

Kudos, guys!

Who would you add to this list?

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