Another busy day, folks, and despite spilling the tea on Basketball Wives, E. Badu’s Flaming Lips smackdown, and  Natasha Trethewey’s nod as Poet Laureate, the news just keeps on coming. But as you know, we can’t cover it all. So here’s what we didn’t talk about today that we still thought you should know.

Shall we?

Vogue Italia’s “Rebranding Africa” disaster – So, you know how everybody is trying to make Africa “the next big thing?” Well, the savvy folks over at Africa Is A Country says it ain’t working out so well. Read on. {Africa is A Country}

Boy shoots self in head because ‘manhood’ questioned on Skype – This is just all sorts of sad. When will we stop trying to put boys and girls in a “masculinity” or “femininity” box? {The Raw Story}

Singer Lauryn Hill faces federal tax charges in NJ – Oh, Lauryn. Put that album out, boo so you can pay Uncle Sam. {the Associated Press}

WILL THIS WORK?: “The Game” Casting New Couple To Replace “Derwin & Melanie” Storyline – Hmm….I think this is officially the end. How about you? {theYBF}

Can Plus-Size Male Models and Nude Photo Shoots Help Men’s Body Image? – Well, this is interesting. Plus-size male models? A do? {Jezebel}

The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet – Notice how folks conspicuously leave us out of tech debates. {Ms. Magazine}

Etc. Videos 

How did we miss the trailer for the second season of Awkward Black Girl?!

African Contemporary Dance Flash Mob – This just makes me want to GROOVE.

K-Town EXCLUSIVE CRAZY TEASER: The reality show no TV network could show you! – Move over Mob Wives, Jersey Shore crew, and all of the ladies who cat fight all over VH1! It’s time for the Koreans to make a fool out of themselves and be an embarrassment to Koreans everywhere! Diversity! {YouTube}

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