Today’s been another busy one, folks, so lets not beat around the bush. Shall we?

House panel finds Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt – For the first time in America’s history, the House of Representatives will be voting on whether or not to hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress. While the GOP claims Holder forced their hand by not turning over documents relating to the Fast and Furious operation, Democrats contend this move is political, noting that the AG has bent over backwards and supplied over 7000 pages of documents. {CBS News}

Why Jerry Sandusky Didn’t Take the Stand – Jerry Sandusky’s child molestation case is nearing a close and today the defense rested without calling him to the stand. Many believe he’ll be convicted of molestation charges and will die in prison. We hope. {ABC News}

K. Michelle Talks Former Abusive Relationship With Memphitz: ‘Different Women Bring Out Different Things In Men’ – hmm. Not sure how I feel about her assertion, but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is dishing on her abusive relationship with Toya’s hubby Memphitz. {NecoleBitchie}

Halle Berry ORDERED To Pay BABY’S DAD Gabe $20K A Month! – Remember yesterday when y’all were upset I thought the mother of Chris Bosh’s daughter should get more than $2600 a month? This is why. Once again, child support isn’t about what “other” women get, it’s based on the parent’s income as Halle’s case clearly shows. {theYBF}

Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses Are All White, Mostly Middle-Aged – In other news, water is wet. {Jezebel}

Keshia Knight Pulliam won’t be joining ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ – THANK GOD! I was starting to think Rudy lost her mind! {theGrio}

Exclusive: A Glimpse Into The Extraordinary Life That Belongs To Melvin Van Peebles – Part 1How dope is Sweetback? {Shadow & Act}

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  • Child, Please

    My thing with Halle’s case is doesn’t she still have custody of the kid? And were here and that model dude dating as in NOT married? Also, she had the paper work done so she would get custody and her wouldn’t have to pay anything if they split. He seemed OK with it at the time. Why is that not enforced? Also, did the judge not realize this dude clearly wanted to get alimony from her initially, but forgot they hadn’t married? This too bizarre and has me with more questions than answers. Also, Halle was more stable – according to court docs – than he is for Nahla, so what’s going on? I wish she had gotten a donor now, but I’m sure someone woulda tried to see who the real daddy was!

  • I know I should be LOL at the “fairness” of the child support payment amount against Halle Berry, but come on son?

    20,000 a month?

  • omfg

    i don’t get it either.

    they lived together, but not for very long. and, they weren’t married.

    how do you collect (that much) alimony because you lived with someone for a short period of time?

    maybe she agreed to to shut him up. i wonder how many years she’ll need to pay him. didn’t read the story.

    • Diamantnoir

      That money is child support not alimony.

  • Diamantnoir

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Chis Bosh’s situation ends up just like Halle Berry’s. The person who has more money will have to pay other parent in order to maintain the lifestyle that the child is accustomed to. Gabriel Aubry makes considerably less than Halle so she will have to shell out. And if she plans on moving that child overseas, she will have to pay more money so the child will have visits with the father. As for Chris Bosh, the mother needs to get herself a good lawyer b/c no court would let her be on public assistance with the child while Chris Bosh is living in a mansion.

  • Here are the facts ! a white man took her to court and won his child along $20k a month.