Busy, busy news day and it’s not over yet. So let’s get down to it, eh?

Ann Curry Leaving “Today” – It’s been a tough week for Ann Curry, but today she announced she’s leaving the “Today Show.” Rumors are she was forced out, but I predict she’ll be OK in the end.  {The Daily Beast}

Baby’s birth shown on video made in MRI machine, a first – I have a kid and this grossed me out just a little. {USA Today}

Sunscreen Forbidden At Schools And Camps – Wait, so some schools are banning sunscreen because they consider it an “over-the-counter” drug? I guess kids will just be burning up this summer. {WFMY}

Report: Snoop Dogg Detained by Norwegian Customs Officials – You can’t come between Snoop & his sticky icky icky. {Rolling Stone}

World’s first GM babies born – Looks like we have the first genetically modified babies. Get ready for babies with genes from multiple parents, not just two. {The Daily Mail}

Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds – Welp. Most people feel like we aren’t alone in the Universe. What do you think? {US News & World Reports}

House Near Vote on Contempt Citation for Attorney General – The House of Representatives are currently debating whether or not to hold Eric Holder in contempt. The vote is extremely partisan and members of the black, Asian, and Latino caucuses are threatening to walk out during the vote. {NY Times}

Pot, Not Bath Salts, Cited in Face Chewing – Remember the guy in Miami who ate the homeless man’s face off? Well, bath salts didn’t make him do it. He was high on weed. {Time}

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  • shadow

    High on weed !!! WTH kinda weed was he smokin to wanna chew somebodies face off ?!? If that’s the case that weed was laced with bath salts, for real ’cause I ain’t neva heard of no weed making you act like that!

  • PJ

    {Pot, Not Bath Salts, Cited in Face Chewing} –

    I preach over and over to these young kids that there is something very damaging within those synthetic drugs. Any type of drug that is lab made, it is hard to measure it’s side effects. Wow. .


    Didn’t Snoop have issues before with being able to travel to another country because of his drug issues?

  • Can we talk about that ratchet tell-all memoir that R Kelly is about to release?

  • Wmp

    Dear C, please go back to quality writing…I never came here for celeb news/regurgitated tidbits of shock news/”etc”–there are celeb blogs/news sites for that… it seems as if C. has turned into a watered down version of itself w hints of necolebitchie and theybf…seriously, I miss the old and inspiring you. Sincerely, a former stan

    • KEIKO