Straight, no chaser today. Here are the stories we couldn’t quite get to…

Why is Everyone Hating on Solange Knowles’ Natural Hair? – Well, how quickly the mighty have fallen. Seems like the backlash over Solange’s seemingly innocent natural hair comments upset the natural Nazis. Ahh, well. {Jezebel}

Bad News for Those With the ‘Blackest’ Names – As if we didn’t already know those with “ethnically” black names get passed over, now there’s a list! If you’re name is Ebony, Nia, Imani (all beautiful names, by the way), employers are apparently giving you the side-eye. And if you’re DeShawn, DeAndrea or Malik…forget about it. {the Root}


Black Network Plans 5 Hours of News – Soul of the South, a new black-orentated network, wants it to be known that black folks do indeed watch the news. {the Root}

The Financial Value of a Father Is Less Than You’d Think – And this is why we can’t attach a monetary value to everything. {Jezebel}

George Zimmerman’s wife charged with perjury – When you lie about your husband’s financial means in court, don’t expect them to just forget about it. {SF Gate}

The Politics of Black Hair – If you’ve been sleeping on Melissa Harris Perry’s MSNBC show you’ve been missing out on #NerdLand. Check out last week’s discussion on the politics of black hair. {MSNBC}

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  • That Perry woman put me to sleep, she is annoying.

    • LN

      I TOTALLY agree!! I started watching the segment and after 10 seconds I was like #icant. What is she going to say that hasn’t already been said about natural hair?!?! #itaintthatdeep

    • Bee

      I agree. Super annoying. I got through almost half the video and stopped.

  • malik hemmans

    who the hell is brian white??

    • apple

      An angry black man with a small penis

    • iQgraphics

      he does have a “small penis” look to him, right?
      around the eyes or something…

    • Dalili

      LMBO @ iQgraphics!

    • @ apple,

      Lawwwwwwwd hammmmmercy


      SLAYEEEEEEEED! ————->mortuary. Your krayness is just BAAAAAAAAAD!

      Ms. Info——–>girrrrrrl, where you at?!

    • malik hemmans

      aww shit no wonder he mad lmao

    • girlformerlyknownasgrace

      There is a naked pic of him online somewhere. It is a fact that is does unfortunately. And it is one of those that may cause you to laugh out loud for real.

    • apple

      Oh I saw the small penis . Some how while googling naked men. Don’t judge me -_-

    • iQgraphics

      googled it.
      it looks like a thumb on a hand hailing a taxi

  • Ms. Information

    BWWWAAHAHAHA..IQ and AM are crrrraazzyyy..I wouldnt know if he had a small penis or not…he’s a bit to feminino for…”black-orentated”?

  • Cloudy Summer Day

    I just got done watching ‘Good Deeds’ by Tyler Perry with Brian White and he played the typical sexist Black guy. I couldn’t stand his role.

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