We’re thisclose to the weekend, so you know we can’t wait to get a little rest and relaxation, but work still needs to be done. This week has been another busy one and I have just the links to prove it.

Shall we?

R. Kelly has $4.8 million tax bill – Looks like Uncle Sam is coming for everybody! If Kellz don’t settle his tax bill, he’s gonna end up in the slammer like Wesley Snipes. YOLO? {The London Standard}

Exclusive Interview With DeVon Franklin: Why Meagan Good’s Fiance Is Oprah’s New Favorite Guy – Meagan Good’s boo (and my college classmate) is dropping jewels on how he became success. Here’s the short version: A strong belief in God, lots and lots of hard work, and being a good dude. {NecoleBitchie}

US President Barack Obama unveils US Africa strategy – Want to know what the Obama Administration thinks of Africa? Well, according their latest strategy, the US will work on preferential trade agreements to African countries and continue to fight al- Qaeda on the continent. Mr. Obama said, “As we look toward the future, it is clear that Africa is more important than ever to the security and prosperity of the international community, and to the United States in particular.” The administration also plans to work with African entrepreneurs and build partnerships between US and African countries. Good move? {BBC}

Nationwide manhunt underway for Buffalo trauma surgeon Dr. Timothy Jorden – After shooting his ex-girlfriend, Jorden, a former military weapons expert and trauma surgeon hit the road. So sad. Why can’t folks just walk away? {CBS News}

Mother, 35, who choked and punched son, 3, while ‘high on bath salts’ dies after she is Tasered by police – Ok…seriously? Something MUST be done about these “bath salts.” The only saving grace? The child was ok. {The Daily Mail}

Bloggers reveal Bahamas, Bahamians to readers – We can file this under “shameless self-promotion.” Last month I had the opportunity to go to the Bahamas on a press trip for CLUTCH. I had a WONDERFUL time and will be sharing more about that here very soon, but I wanted to give you all a preview of our People-to-People visit. It was amazing! If you haven’t been to the Bahamas….GO! Now! {The Bahamas Weekly}

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