Grace Jones is 64. Let that marinate for moment as you watch her perform her 1985 hit, “Slave to the Rhythm,” at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee yesterday:

A model, actress, singer, performance artist, Andy Warhol muse, and Studio 54 mainstay, Grace Jones is one of our pop cultural icons. Though she doesn’t make nearly as many public appearances as she did in her heyday, yesterday’s performance proves that she’s still got the goods. She can get out there and croon while hula hooping for the Queen, in an outfit that reminds us all where Madonna and Lady Gaga got their style.

As a tribute to Jones’ reemergence this week, here are are a few clips and photos we’d like to share:

1. “La Vie En Rose”

Grace Jones’ disco-inspired 1977 cover of the French classic, “La Vie En Rose” became one of her earliest hits.

2. “Pull up to the Bumper”

This 1981 hit can still get a crowd on a dance floor.

3. “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)”

Jones has always embraced the artsy, eclectic, and abstract, as is evidenced by this video.

4. “Love is the Drug”

Here, Jones turns in a respectable cover of a Roxy Music classic.

5. Strangé’s Arrival/Strangé: It Stinks So Good

And of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up Boomerang, one of Grace Jones’ greatest, most memorable film roles. In playing Strangé, Jones proved that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, as the role played up her more eccentric, theatrical notes for laughs.

Creepiest. Perfume commercial. Ever!

There’s also a great mini-documentary online about Grace Jones’ life and career. You can check it out here:

Do you have a favorite Grace Jones moment or memory? Share it below.

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  • omfg

    grace just defecates all over these pretenders…lol

    also, hats off to the brits/europeans who continue to support artists like grace.

    she would never be invited to perform at a similar high-profile event in the u.s. and that’s a shame.

    frickin love her. one of my all time favorites. i really like nightclubbing. love those dark, down beats…

    • BAM!

      Everything you said.

      Private Life is my personal fave. All hail to GRACE.

    • mikey kun

      totally agree with everything you just said

  • Lady P

    “Thank You”, Ms. Stacia! I am sitting here cracking up. That Grace Jones is {oh my..which is the best word to use to describe her?!?}

    At any rate, my best memory of Grace is the scene from Boomerang. The scene in which she is in the resturant with Marccussss! She is so delightful..:)!

    • Mr. Man

      Speaking of Boomerang Grace J scenes, one cannot forget the meeting room scene where she pulls her undies off and messages the guys face with them, I about lost it when she did that..Only Grace, only Grace……

      Sorry Madonna, GaGa, Niki Minaj yall can’t touch this women even if you all tried, you’re just manufactured shock pop artist with your executive producers taking notes from Grace’s old stuff from the (read) the 80’s. With Grace it was who she was naturally out of the box. She made them conform to her not the otherway around.

  • September”s Muse


  • lw

    My older sister had a slight obsession with Grace when she was in junior high. Truth be told, she scared the hell out of my 4th grade self. Grace is just phenomenal, though. Can not believe she is 64! Ferocious in every single way.