Some of our Clutchettes from across the diaspora may already be familiar with AKA, South Africa’s best-selling hip hop artist, but for those of us in the States who rely on radio, our friends, or the web to discover new talent, we may be a little late to the party. Thankfully, our girl Demetria Lucas hipped me to AKA and because we’re always on a mission to share the latest, hottest, most creative things coming out of the Motherland (and the diaspora as a whole), I wanted to pass his music along to you.

So who is AKA? He’s an award winning emcee from South Africa whose latest album, Alter Ego, spent weeks atop the charts. He’s rocked crowds with Rick Ross, been featured on MTV Base’s show Brand New Artist, and has been called South Africa’s Drake, rocking sold out shows and spreading his brand of hip hop across the country.

But like many artists, AKA hopes to make a dint in the ever-competitive American market and flex his mic skills along side of music’s hottest acts. But judging from his music—full of energy and clever rhymes—and his growing social media presence, making a splash in the States is bound to happen.

Check out a few of his hits and let us know if you’re feeling it:

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