We can talk about legging violations for days but most times when we do we’re talking about things we’ve seen on a bunch of different people a bunch of different times. Amber Rose, however, is a bit of a repeat offender. The girl loves leggings, and if we had her frame, we would too but sometimes the bottoms she puts over her bottom are just way, way, way out there. We have to hand it to the girl for her confidence, but in some cases the admiration stops there.

Here’s a look at some of her most risqué pairs.

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  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I think Gaga finally put on some pants, and so should Amber.

  • kai

    Her legs are THICK! Yes girl!

  • Dee

    Leggings aren’t pants. The end.

  • Kimmy KNOCK OUT

    OMG you guys are suppose to be style people and your discussing Cut Out Leggings…. Is this 2006????

  • Kym

    *Clears Throat* I’m sorry…… I feel like I’m at a meat packing plant that had an unfortunate surplus of ground beef…….. Amber Rose is GORGEOUS but she should dress a little better than the 2nd pair.. The other two aren’t that bad, but the cutouts..eh, not so much.