Showing sound mind and body, the United States Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of Arizona’s unethical and inhumane crackdown on people who “look like immigrants,” reports Bloomberg.com.

While people who look like immigrants (that even sounds ignorant) will still be forced to show their papers like dogs in a some purebred kennel show, police will no longer be able to haul them off to jail for minor immigrations charges.

Liberal leaning Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the opinion for the court, which unanimously decided to let the green card check continue. Keep in mind this is the same state that houses the Tucson school district. The same state where school officials were so afraid Hispanic students would rise up and show solidarity that they banned the Ethnic Studies program. Maybe, hopefully some time in the near future, state politicians will realize they’re doing the white citizens they’re trying to “protect” a grave disservice. One day, white Arizonans may have to dwell in the real world, where people don’t have to present their freedom papers just because they look different.

And they won’t know what to do with themselves.

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