Clutchettes, I know I don’t have to school you on the beauty and wealth of resources in Africa, but unfortunately, most folks aren’t as intelligent and informed as you.

Because misconceptions about Africa and its many countries and cultures still exists, writer and filmmaker Nosarieme Garrick decided to pick up a camera and tour the continent to give another view of Africa that many have never seen.

Garrick recently spoke with AfriPop about the inspiration for her eight-part documentary My Africa Is:

It actually started out when I was writing for AfriPOP! I was contributing to the mag, and initially it was about getting my clips up and getting some experience. I got sent to cover a lot of cool events, and interviewed people who blew my mind. For the first time, honestly, I started being proud of being African, because there were so many inspirational stories I heard. Then I headed to Nigeria to do some work around our elections, and there I met even more people doing great things and decided to go full speed ahead with the documentary series. It was time for us to actually tell these stories, because these were the stories that inspired me to want to do something, and contribute to Africa’s growth. Africans are insanely talented, and it’s important that we contribute our talents to our continent’s development. I see this as a something that will push people to think about how they personally can contribute to Africa in their own creative manner, and hope that the stories of their peers living and working in Africa could inspire them.

Through My Africa Is, Garrick hopes viewers will fall in love with the continent and change their perspective on how they feel about Africa.

In My Africa Is will take viewers on a tour of 13 cities across several countries in the region and introduce them to vaarious “change makers” in the region. Garrick is currently attempting to raise $75,000 to complete the series.

Check out the My Africa Is Kickstarter page to learn more or to donate

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