Well, Clutchettes, we’ve come to another Monday, and it’s the first full one of summer!

While many of you are suffering through sweltering heat, for the rest of us summer is a little more forgiving. No matter what corner of the world you’re in at the moment, I’m back with a few things to try this week to add a little spice to your routine.

Shall we get started?

Have a picnic: Let’s face it; it’s too nice out to spend all day indoors. This week grab a blanket, your favorite salad or sandwich fixings, a bottle of something cool, and head outside for lunch. Don’t worry; if you get rained out just spread a blanket in your living room, grab your food and your boo (or bestie), and have an indoor picnic.

Lift weights: Many of us know the benefits of cardio and find time to squeeze in some sort of workout into our routine, but some of us fail to add weights to the mix. Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will not cause women to bulk up, but it will help us tone our trouble zones that much quicker.

Go to a museum: Melting under the summer heat wave? Head to a museum! Aside from the free A/C, museums offer cheap and easy ways to indulge in another culture. Even better? Many museums offer free days during the week, so check your local paper or museum website for deets.

Ride a bike: Last week I rode a bike for the first time in years and it was great! The old adage about not forgetting how to ride is correct, so if it’s been a little while for you, this week is the perfect time to jump back on a bike. Live near a beach? Many boardwalks and piers offer bike rentals by the hour, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

Find a signature scent: Summer is the perfect time to switch scents. It’s hot outside, we sweat, and the last thing we need is a heavy fragrance sitting on top of our skin. Experiment with perfumes, oils, and body sprays to find the perfect scent to carry you though the season.

That’s it for now, Clutchettes. What’s on your to-do list for the week?

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