VH1 knows a good thing when they see it. After it scored a hit with Love & Hip-Hop, which followed the lives of a group of New York women in the industry, it decided to take the show south, to the A, the current mecca of bougie black America.

From the looks of the trailer, this season promises to bring the drama. While I watched the clip a few things came to mind: 1) I have no clue who ANY of these women are, and 2) This looks like a GREAT soap opera! Only, VH1 wants us to pretend it’s a “reality show.” Whatevs.

This season we’ll see some of the women trying to make it in the biz, while some of the other ladies are trying to hold on to their questionable men (uh, why?). There also seems to be some sort of love triangle and Maury Povich pregnancy test moment in the works. All things VH1 hopes will keep you tuning in and telling your girls, “Well, I know it’s bad, but this show is my guilty pleasure!”

But will it work?

Check out the trailer.

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